First off, Kick-Ass is the name of a movie. An unconventional name, truly, and a completely unconventional take on a superhero movie. This movie isn’t about superheroes, who is out there to poach the poachers of social life in a city. It combines the abstract concept of a superhero who is willing to take on crime on the surface of city with the traditional setup of a few people out for vengeance against a criminal organisation.

In Spiderman 2, Aunt May, tells Peter that there is a hero in all of us. In Batman, Bruce Wayne decides to arm himself with training and gear to fight the mob. There it is, the inspiration for the teenager Dave, who simply wants to find that hero within himself and fight on the streets of the Manhattan to bring some good in the city. But sadly, his abstraction of a superhero is that of a suit and a heavy, pretentious voice devoid of any bite of a motivation which drives a vigilante continuously to kick butts of the enemies in his land. Predictably, he messes up in his first fight and in a comical cascade of events, gets branded as a homosexual man. Adding more to the misery, he gets his bones shattered by a car hit. However, he wins his first fight against death and unpredictably earns steel plated bones as the trophy of the victory.

There is another side of the story of vengeance of a cop, who was framed by a crime lord of the city. His pregnant wife attempts suicide following the imprisonment of her husband. She is able to kill herself, but her baby could be saved by the doctors. In one of the most unconventional scenes in a movie, the big daddy trains himself and his little girl of 10 years with guns and knives and swords to prepare for the big battle against the killer of his wife, the crime lord, Frank Damico.

Frank Damico has a son, Chris Damico, who wants to be prove his worth and inherit the criminal empire of his father. But his father always assumes him to be only a child. However, he is not a dimwit and proves his worth in the best of styles later in the movie.

And there is a love story between Dave and Katie. Katie befriends Dave after his accident which Dave assumes to be his chance to woo her. However, Dave quickly realizes that he is a gay in her minds and is forced to foster a one sided love for his friend. Dave gets his shot to stardom when he watches a guy being thrashed by a bunch of other goons. He fights off the goons and takes on the moniker of kick-ass to become a youtube, coffee house, and pencil box cover and teenage sensation. All under a green mask. He valiantly decides to take on an a gangster and an ex-boyfriend of sorts of Katie who owed her some money. He is almost killed by them when Hit Girl and Big Daddy come to his rescue. In a frenzied sequence of sword slashing, the daughter kills everyone of them while her father provides sniper cover. Dave realizes what he had been missing: the true skills of fighting, brute force approach of jumping into a fight isn’t the way to resolve one. The father daughter duo make Dave their friend and meanwhile keep eliminating bits and pieces of the Damico’s empire. Damico wrongly  concludes Kick Ass to be his real enemy. His attempts to track Kick Ass fail and his son, Chris, delivers on his potential to become the heir to the empire.

He decides to become a fake superhero by screwing one of the goons of his father’s empire to win the trust of Kick Ass. Under the name, Red Mist, he befriends Kick Ass and takes him to a warehouse for an impending slaughter. Sadly, the warehouse is burnt before they reach but Chris is able to retrieve a hidden camera from the ruins and uncovers the mystery of the father daughter duo as well. Dave has had enough of superhero and he reveals himself to Katie. Katie, who is initially shocked, is also a blonde. Therefore, they become a couple despite Dave having been a complete ass.

In the final sequence of events, Red Mist uses his friendship with Kick Ass to track Big Daddy and Hit Girl. Hit Girl is shot over her kevlar vest and Big Daddy and Kick Ass are taken prisoners. Through a live streaming over internet, Frank Damico, decides to have his henchmen brutally kill the aspiring superheroes of the city. And comes the savior, the Hit Girl, who is able to save Dave, but not her father. She kills the boy inside Dave with the words, “if it weren’t for you, my father would still be alive”. She decides to complete the vengeance and Dave gets the motivation he had been missing.

And the fun filled climax.

One of the best superhero movies, that I have seen. 🙂