No Major Spoilers in this, because there was no suspense. I mean, you see a building in the movie, you know that it is going down.

It could be named Blitz Blitz Bang Bang. This was my first superman movie ever and I have neither read the comic books. So, I cannot comment on the relationship between the product and the source. Coming to my reactions about this, I enjoyed the first half of the movie. If they had made the second half shorter by say 20 minutes, the movie would have been awesome. Instead, we get to see a demolition spectacle. Big hollywood action sequences are obsessed with destroying glass paneled high rise structures. And after a building split in half in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, this was coming. A Forbes article puts the estimate of destruction in the range of $700 billion to $1 trillion. But, that is an amount we would pay for saving the entire life on earth, wouldn’t we?

Superman’s biological father, in every sense of the word, protects him via sending him to Earth. He is raised by the Kent family who teach him to control his powers and learn to make sacrifices, because they believe that he was sent to do something bigger than saving a few odd lives. As an adult, he lives the life of a nomad and changes his location each time he has done something extremely conspicuous. The lady of the movie, Lois Lane, finds him and accepts Clark’s decision to keep the side of the secret.

The story emanates emotions, through flashbacks, Clark’s internal conflict. Lois Lane doing the detective work to locate Clark is beautifully done. Clark making the ultimate sacrifice to honor his father’s ideas about him is emotional. Life on earth is normal, except for Clark’s display of prowess then and there. Then, comes General Zod. He was created with a purpose of protecting the race of his planet and Kal-el, holds the key to it. He wants him. At this moment I was on the edge of my seat for some amazing stuff to come.

Probably an hour of demolition later, I was done. I wished I had crossed the edge and went to my home. Russel Crowe as Jor-El comes and goes, acting as a motivator of sorts to various things. I was happy that he was finally relieved by Zod which ended his ambiguous presence throughout the movie. Everything beyond the point where Superman surrenders to Zod, is demolition. It can put all the Transformers movie combined to shame. But what is the point? Zod wants to destroy the planet and people, he could use his guns or bombs from the beginning of the movie instead of destroying buildings. Oh yeah, he didn’t like the Vaastu of planet earth.

Beyond first half, the movie isn’t driven by the director but the animators challenging their contemporaries working on Transformers or Avengers. They surely have had a party. Man of Steel was fathered by the creators of the Dark Knight trilogy and I expected better than the concepts of rebuilding a generation on earth or shipping Krypton on earth.

The story: 2.5/5

Effects: 4.5/5

Clark Kent transforming to Superman: 3.5/5

Superman’s costume: 5/5