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This movie will be adored by kids till eternity, by elderly as well for its light-hearted full filled approach, and by a lot of adults alike who went to the theater to have a laugh. However, it may get panned by critics for being too shallow or being full of unrealistic nonsense. I guess that they are more of cynics, yes you read that right: cynics, not critics, than the ones who can enjoy a movie.


Gru has changed from a villain to someone who is fussy about Margo, eldest of her three adopted daughters, having crush over boys. He dresses like a fairy for his youngest daughter Agnes and stares at her another daughter Edith turning into a Ninja. Moreover, he has started to prepare jams and jellies for his living and employed his assistant minions and Dr. Nefario in the work. He is called by the Anti Villain League to track a big bad man who has stolen a pretty wild chemical formula which can turn living organisms into “enhanced” zombies: who can eat, other than other zombies, metal as well. While on his job, Gru has a partner, Lucy. That is all there to the story.

Gru and LucyGru and his family

I guess that tells what happens between Gru and Lucy. Anyways, on emotional level, the movie doesn’t offer much. The innocence of Agnes is heart touching and Gru does a solid role as their father. We get to see little bit of childhood of Gru and the ending of the movie has a nice touch with Agnes getting her wish for a mother.

The real show is that of the minions, they carry this short junk of story on their zippy zappy French-Spanish-Murmurs-Gibberish-What-the-hell-they-said language and amazing comic timing. Their silliness and amazing facial expressions work a lot of magic. The 21-fart salute was an amazingly hilarious and so were the minions on a beach. The movie is introduced by minions, they are the core of the fun and they leave smiles on the faces of audiences as the credits roll up.


Watch it for the fun filled moments.

Rating 3.5/5


Lootera: Movie Review

I will start with what it is, a great movie. Ten minutes coming out of theatre, the worst I could think was the predictability of the ending but that too isn’t a criticism, as the movie wanted that end. And I will clarify that it is not a period movie. The core of movie would work equally well if it was set in modern times which revolves around a mighty zamindar who starts to lose his possessions as the result of abolition of zamindari system in India. This can be replaced in modern times to something else and the same story can be executed in a different era but I am not complaining. This movie works and that is all which matters for makers and the fans alike.

I am happy that Sonakshi has done something other than being a showpiece item in a movie. She fits well in the role of the daughter of zamindar. Ranveer Singh has performed well too, although I liked the performance of his side kick more. I loved the way love “happened” in the movie between the two lead actors instead of extrovert and in-your-face methods which usually woos Sonakshi in a movie. Pakhi (Sonakshi) gets into an accident with a clean and well dressed Varun (Ranveer) and is attracted to him when he comes to work as an archaeologist in the land owned by her zamindar father. Slight flirtations, painting lessons build a great comfort level between them which becomes more important for them than what they are or what they do. And that’s the rub of the life.


Varun has to betray her trust after getting the trust of Pakhi’s dad to marry her and leave her robbed of all emotions. Pakhi was his way out of his life into something new which he couldn’t take and in the second half of the movie he pays for his mistakes. Pakhi, in the meantime, finds out about her terminal illness and counts her days while looking at leaves of a tree in a blizzard. She protects Varun from police in his soon to be tomb house while he takes care of her till the end of the movie.

The movie highlights many fine points about human emotions: love, weakness, depression. It has solid emotional content which is quite ably demonstrated by the two leading actors. Varun is a man who has a weak soul because his life has been full of mistakes and he cannot trust Pakhi’s love to come out clean and elope with her. Pakhi’s is a betrayed woman who loses every hope from life. The feeling of betrayal is a tough one to handle and the ensuing depression is even worse. So is the situation of a heart full of lies inside a man with a life dabbled with wrong moves. But the moments of happiness etched into memory lanes aren’t lost either. One just has to convince the heart that the happy moments before betrayal weren’t fake. And that love forms the basis of catharsis of twisted lives. The movie has a slow pace but proceeds with mighty confidence to deliver the ending it deserves in form of the rejuvenation of a sad heart and a black heart.

Totally worth the time. 5/5