It is an emotional obligation for me to right this review. After all, the first movie that I had reviewed was the first instalment of kick-ass series. But this one is an improvement, because unlike the first one where I reviewed it a couple of years later, I am writing this 3 days after I saw the recent instalment. If you haven’t read my review to the first movie, or haven’t seen it, this piece of writing will appeal little to you. You can however make amends with a small step here:

On a lot of levels, it is still Dave and Mindy story but a lot of things have changed in the kick-ass world. The story is a continuation and evolution of a lot of plots that were opened in the first movie. While Chris D’Amico is trying to be able to kill kick ass to avenge his father’s death, Dave tries to team up with Mindy and carry his streak of vigilantism. Kick-Ass inspired the Red Mist in the first movie as another superhero in town and now he has inspired a zillion others. Marcus was hell bent on keeping Mindy a normal girl, and he grills her to her bed inside his house and even sends her on a date. Eventually, Dave  finds some more wannabe superheroes like him to team up with and make a gang. But like a perfect spoof, the evil in D’Amico, like Sauron, was growing every day.I liked the fact that the growth of characters and their human bodies hasn’t been neglected. Aaron Taylor Johnson as Dave has made himself a formidable looking guy whereas the swearing girl Mindy of first movie is getting pangs of adolescence.

Long story short, Dave tries to group his superhero buddies, while Chris tries to create an army of villains. In the meantime, Mindy tries to behave like a high school bitch of her own age. The movie moves in a slightly nauseating manner which it attempts to handle with pangs of fun filled moments. Jim Carrey is another of the kick ass inspired wannabe superheroes and has an interesting role. For almost 60% of the movie, there isn’t any end in sight. Until, every character gets a motivation.

Chris unleashes the demonic side of him, and Dave loses his father. Mindy has realised that dating isn’t for her and says a formal euphemism of “fuck you” to Marcus and gets on team Dave. In a climactic sequence which spooves the battle at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Mindy, Dave and Chris measure each other in one of the most emotionally charged moments of the movie. Three characters, all driven by the loss of their fathers, enter in the duel. And with some of the most improbable stuff on this planet, team Dave is able to exact the revenge and stop the gang created by “the motherfucker” Chris D’Amico. Yeah, that’s right, that’s his evil moniker in the movie.

The movie is neither driven by emotions nor by strong writing. It manages a fun filled ride because apart from the wannabe superheroes on the celluloid, humans like to imagine themselves as a superhero. But the relevance of such dreams of anyone can come if the individual actually tries to give a damn about things that are wrong. And once that is done, I can agree with Dave in the last moments of the movie, that you don’t need to don a mask to help someone. Kick Ass will be loved by fans like me, not so much by many others.

Rating: 3.5/5