When current FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, recently called Messi a good boy and Ronaldo a commander on the pitch, Blatter appreas to be right while calling Messi¬†a boy. It has come to light that, in a childish display, Messi has once again taken to texting his coach, Martino Tata, for his continued position as striker of the team. The Satire Blog has learnt from sources in Argentina that Lionel Messi is scared about the ascent of teammate Alexis Sanchez and has expressed his fears to Martino over SMS. Messi’s SMS to Pep Guardiola over Ibrahimovic’s role as striker¬†was widely reported. It had brought much ridicule to the four time Ballon d’Or Winner and it appears that the boy hasn’t grown.

Recently, he suffered an injury and Barcelona had to be carried forward by different striker, Alexis Sanchez, to shores of victory. It appears that Messi sees ascent of Sanchez as a threat to his chances to win the Golden Boot, a precursor for him to win the Ballon d’Or prize. The source also informed The Satire Blog that Ronaldo’s reply to Blatter with a hattrick has made Messi even more worried about his chances for a fifth consecutive Ballon d’Or prize which had been looking uncertain ever since the thrashing FC Barcelona were handed by Bayern Munich earlier this year. The Ronaldo troll fans, meanwhile, have already labelled the prize as Blatter d’Or.

A close source to the Barcelona dressing room adds, “It has been years since a proper striker has completed the duties for Barcelona as Lionel Messi has been in an amazing form. With his teammate Xavi in some form of decline in form, Messi has been worried off late.” Now it remains to be seen who will be other recipients of Messi’s texts. In the meantime, Pakistani population have taken to Twitter to calling Messi a “Dehati Aurat”.