The state of CBSE syllabus is abysmal. I am not interested in what it has done to Hindi or English over the years, my concern is with flowery science books and completely diluted maths curriculum. When I was in the 10th standard, my father used to say, the curriculum should introduce concepts about calculus. But then my father always told me to solve standard 10 problems in 8th. Coming back to the state of syllabus, logarithms are removed, all that you need to learn in circles is that tangents from an external point are equal. I don’t understand what CBSE is exactly playing on. The education system in India is highly driven on cramming and substituting stuff in formula. The system has generated a very small group of students who actually want to push the envelope and learn extra. If I chose to go beyond the syllabus even by a bit, many would question “is this in our syllabus?”. So there you have my CBSE, you thought you were being smart by giving an optional exercise in the maths book with difficult questions; YOU KILLED IT BY WRITING OPTIONAL ON IT. Nobody is going to do that. It has generated a very large fraction of mediocre and less than mediocre students. Those who cannot utilize the formula, fall in this very bracket and they need a mathematical rehab and overhaul which no normal teacher can provide.

The biggest damage of this dilution of syllabus to boast of higher literacy, is the lack of imagination. There is a complete disregard to what are units for physical quantities. The frequency of an electromagnetic radiation is 500MHz and the wavelength is 60cm. The students happily multiply and find the speed of the radiation as 30000. Maxwell and Einstein died once again, I think. No units, mark that as well. I asked a pretty easy question once. A gift is in the form of cuboid, of certain dimensions, it needs to be gift wrapped at the rate of Re 1 for every 10 I was really happy, every one did it. They happily told me that they had done such problems in standard 8 itself. So, i decided to have a fear factor game. There is a room of dimensions 10m x 5m x 2m and it is full of ants everywhere. If every ant needs 5 cu cm of air for an hour, how many ants can live in the room without dying in an hour? Nobody could do it. I gave the solution and they supposedly understood. Find the volume, divide by whatever parameter is given. That’s what they understood.

It is not their problem. It is the way the questions are asked in exams or they way it is taught in classrooms that curbs thinking in maths. You can find these students fluently jabbering in English, using fuck words, correcting grammar of teachers but not an iota of imagination in maths. If a student of standard 10 can claim without any shame that he doesn’t know what a right angle triangle is, or how to solve a linear equation in a single variable or how to add a fucking fraction, the system and the coaching institutes and the parents, all need to take an action.

One last question over imagination. Remember the room full of ants? Same room again. Now it has been infested by a very civilized colony of lizards who live in their own areas. Every lizard wants an area of 1 sq. m. How many lizards exist in the society? I didn’t see one shred of imagination. If the area occupied by a lizard is given, why would you calculate volume? Right, the previous problem was solved by taking volume and doing a simple division in the end. Nobody thought of lizards to be only capable of sticking to walls, which will in general not demand any calculation of volume. If the education system had stressed on teaching the importance of units, they would have seen that after division a metre will remain. None of the students saw it either. So, very fucking cool calculation my friends. 10m x 5m x 2m = 100 cu.m and 100 cu.m/1 sq.m =100 m lizards. I gave them a problem of lizards. They showed me they were 100m fucking dinosaurs.