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The First One

The title could allude to the last episode of the TV show “Friends”, but it would be rude to compare a first attempt at creative writing and 10 years of riveting entertainment. Not that I have a lot of love for the show, but, anyway, not my place to compare.

I like real life stories. I love a narration more than the reading it myself. Part of a reason why I like documentaries so much. Part of a reason, why I was asked by a friend in my office, “Hey Jayant, no offence, but is chatting your hobby?”. To some extent, it has become a hobby, to try and explore a new person. I usually like to enjoy others’ experiences. I question a lot, but I am a patient listener and usually an active audience.

I enjoy to build stories around my day to day life. If you would ask me “Whats up”, very rarely you would listen to a “nothing much”; on the contrary, you may often reply a ‘lol’ to my reply. I don’t claim to be have any level of proficiency, for I have never waited to judge it; I have enjoyed engaging people in entertaining conversations and I would like to have some parts of my life without a grade.

It would have been 8:30 at night when I had just come from my first attempt at swimming. The pool was four feet deep and there was no threat to life. However, it is pretty difficult if you are not habituated to having your head into water for more than five seconds. Like every beginner, I took the first dive with an attempt to stretch back my legs. I stumbled in the water, took a 360 spin, coughed for good thirty seconds or so. The  lesson was clear, “Learning swimming online, doesn’t help.” There were only few thing that I could do and for an hour that day, I just tried to drown myself and come back to enjoy the water around me. I tried to run in the water, stumbled more, coughed a lot more, but I succeeded in one thing: Not letting the water dissuade me from learning it.

I have been labelled as a nerd for a lot of my life. I really don’t care about that but I do care about scoring in exams. Getting 48 out of 100 in mid semester can be tough. And having parroted one particular question before end semester exam, and to see a different one for 25 marks can be heart breaking. Such was my fate in Mechanics exam. I saw some stuff in that critical question, and I felt I can translate it into the one that I had crammed into my head. For 20 minutes of remaining 25, I did that translation. And when I saw the light at the end of the road, I was extremely proud of myself. Two minutes before the end and there was nothing else to scream than “Son of a bitch” when my pen ran out of ink. And an invigilator swooped in to remind four times to tie up the loose sheets and I fumbled with the goddamn pen refill. An emotional climax and a great memory.

A day is dull as long as you feel its dull. There is a story in almost every walk of it. I read in a blog that in most cases, you yourself chose to be happy. My stories, keep me going and I have a few ideas that I really want to develop into full length fiction. So, its not my place to compare to “Friends”; not yet. But I would really want to do something that can be everlasting. I started this blog, to develop that trait of writing. This is my attempt at same drowning, resurfacing and coughing to visualize a bigger idea. Lets see. 🙂

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I don’t want to edit this piece of writing, not grammatically. I adjusted a few words though. Its a quick 30 minute concoction of some really random ideas. I guess, I would love to see this piece of writing later as well.


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